Abandon new voters register and channel monies into construction or roads – True Drivers Union


The True Drivers Union (TDU) notes with deep concern and regret the resolve of government to commit some amount of the taxpayer’s money totaling Four Hundred Million Ghana cedis (400,000,000) to compile a new voters register.

This comes as worry and disheartening to us given government’s constant neglect of pertinent issues such as the construction and maintenance of feeder and major road networks across the country.

The Union will ordinarily not join in the public outcry on issues either than that which bothers on the road and transport sector, however it has become necessary given what we believe to be a mis prioritized attempt by government to direct hard earned public funds on a new voter register to the absolute neglect of the road systems across the country.

Deplorable Roads conditions have continuously been an emotional issue in Ghana.

Ghanaians constantly wake up to countless news reportage regarding agitations and threats of demonstration by well-meaning citizens in respect of poor road conditions.

This phenomenon by our estimation is a direct impact of the incessant misdirection of public funds on avenues like the compilation of a new voter’s register that yield little or no benefits to us as a nation. We are of the firm view that channeling the budgeted millions of cedis to the Road Fund will consolidate the account and aid government efforts to the construction and maintenance of road

This attempt will reflect a wider national interest than investing in the compilation of a needless new voters register.

The deplorable road situation has not seen much improvement despite the huge contributions made by drivers from the monthly and annual road worthiness and daily tow charges as well as levies paid by ordinary Ghanaian on fuel price buildup.

The road fund levy, currently 48 pesewas on each liter of petrol and diesel consumed, was established with the soleintent to finance routine and periodic maintenance and rehabilitation of road networks within the country.

With a monthly consumption of fuel estimated at three hundred and fifty million Litres(350,000,000) The fund generates in excess of one hundred and sixty- eight million cedis (GHC168,000,000) monthly.

We therefore call on government to immediately abandon the thoughts of a new voter register and Commit the resources in the construction and maintenance of roads in Ghana.


Yaw Barimah
(PRO True Drivers Union)

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