Akufo-Addo’s observation of January 7th as a constitution day, the biggest hypocrisy – Odeneho


President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo is the only human right lawyer who has failed to respect, protect, promote and duly apply constitutionalism in his daily running of this country.

Article 1(1)of the 1992 constitution says the sovereignty of this country is in the hands of the people (citizens), and these same citizens are saying they don’t need a new voters register, in the expense of the numerous socioeconomic problems troubling them, because Nana Addo has no respect for this particular constitutional provision, he’s ready to commit $800m to compile a new voters register despite the opposition by the majority of the people who owns the sovereignty of the country.

Article 35(7)of the 1992 constitution says, every government should continue to complete projects started by their predecessors, we have uncountable uncompleted community day senior high schools and other projects started by the incoming president Mahama, they are still there untouched for three years now in office, where is Akuffo Addo’s respect for this constitutional provision?

Article 162(1) guaranteed the media, a press freedom to operate autonomously without restrictions by anyone, but we had journalists being killed for exposing corrupt deeds by friends and associates of Akuffo Addo, (may the soul of Ahmed Suale rest in peace), we have uncountable media houses being shut down for criticizing Akuffo Addo, investigative journalists can’t operate freely in this country anymore, where is Akuffo Addo’s respect for this very important constitutional provision?

Article 187(7)(a) granted the auditor general the autonomy to work and not to subject to the control or direction of anyone, today Akuffo Addo and his ministers and MPs are dictating to the auditor general on what to do, Npp majority leader in parliament is warning the auditor to stop doing his work as enshrined in the constitution, where is the promotion of the constitution we are hypocritically celebrating?

Article 15(1)(2)(a)(b) granted everyone a civil right to be treated with dignity and not to subject to inhumane treatment such as torture and killing, no matter the sensitiveness of the alleged offense committed he/she should be prosecuted by a competent court of jurisdiction and be proven beyond reasonable doubt as guilty/innocent or the otherwise before any punishment or charge is taken against that person, yet we have most of our youths being killed in the bushes like antelopes in the so called fight against galamsay, whiles government officials were seating in the jubilee house taking bribes from foreigners to do the same galamsay, when President Mahama gave out a free advice to them to treat the young ones according to the above provision of the constitution, he was chastised by John Boadu, yet they are celebrating a constitutional day for the misapplication of the constitution itself.

It must be on record that Nana Addo celebrated a three years of no achievement to show, it was a showcase of his monumental failure of the business society, a monumental corruption beyond aid, a retrogressive leadership, extreme economic hardship and poverty, I wish Ghana never experience a president like Nana Addo again in our history.

Constitutionalism and rule of law under Akuffo Addo is under siege and in total deficit, we pray for God’s intervention.

Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo

*Oti regional deputy communication officer NDC*


Source: sharpnewsgh.com

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