Awutu Senya West: NDC condemns attack on Parliamentary candidate


The Awutu Senya West NDC is appalled and disappointed by the deliberate deflation of car tyre belonging to it Parliamentary Candidate with nails by some ruthless and unscrupulous persons alleged to be supporters of NPP in Senya Beraku with the aim of plotting accident for her.

This unrefined and repulsively condemnable incident was perpetrated on 31st July, 2020 during the celebration of Eid-Ul–Adha. Unfortunately, such act of backwardness never existed in Awutu Senya West body politics until recent times when Hon. George Andah and the NPP assume power in 2017.

This is a worrying development which give credence to sudden and unfortunate breakdown of security in Awutu Senya West. Similar cases of attack on precious life’s and property in the constituency is ample testament of deliberate security lapse on the part of Hon. Stephen Quaye who double as the Chairman for the district security council and the failed member of parliament, Hon. George Andah. Had it not been the grace of God, a fatal accident would have been recorded because of someone’s deliberate intent and insensitivity to cause harm to our parliamentary candidate.

It is brutish and primitive to orchestrate such defeatist strategy to scare your female opponent from campaigning in Senya which is historically perceived as the stronghold of the NPP because of her novel tourism agenda to turn Senya into a tourism hub to improve their socioeconomic conditions and livelihoods which the people have finally bought into and welcomed it with favourable reception. The fear that the charismatic nature of NDC parliamentary candidate, Mrs. Gizella Tetteh-Agbotui making positive advances to change the usual voting pattern in the December 7th elections especially in Senya is on pursue mission.

The NDC by this release warm perpetrators against this acts and call for peace before, during and after elections.


Kweku Ampong
Communications Officer
Awutu Senya

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