Bawumia flies Presidential Jet to funerals and naming ceremonies


As the saying goes “what goes around comes around” is exactly what is happening with the current New Patriotic Party(NPP) administration.

It will be recalled that during the administration of both late President Mills and John Dramani Mahama governments , the then NPP opposition criticized everything the then regime was doing especially the use of the Presidential jet.
They didn’t only condemned the President for the use of the presidential Jet but castigated the administration anytime the Vice President then Amissah Arthur flies in it.

Today, the Cutrent Vice President Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia flies the state asset at will. To funerals, naming ceremony and other party activities and not for official duties.
The attack on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) by the NPP was massive.

The Vice President Dr. Bawumia was spotted in Wa in the Upper West region over the weekend using both the helicopter and the presidential jet.

According to eyewitnesse report “Dr. Bawumia came to Wa in a presidential jet for Party activity, the helicopter was deployed to go pick him from Wa to Tumu while the presidential jet waited for him at the Airport.”
The report suggested that the V8’s that came from Accra and proceeded to Tumu and back without the Veep sitting in them.

Thisnis happening at a time when government is saying government was broke. The masses are suffering and complaining of high cost of living, incessant fuel price hikes, no money to employ the unemployed nurses, teachers and other graduates. No money to fix our regional hospital aming other exigencies.

The question therefore is, has the NPP government lost their priorities or they just enjoy abusing the tax payers money on frivolities?

Story by: Kojo Hadjor

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