Congratulations Mr & Mrs Commey for chalking 15 years of successful marriage


Marriage is a miracle that joins 2 in one , it’s a mystery that brought 2 people together and what God has joined together no man/woman or propaganda can destroy it.

For the Director of Operations at the Presidency Lord Commey to commemorate his 15 years marriage anniversary is no joke at all.

In an era where divorce rate is on the ascendancy and rumors of extra marital activities breaking many homes and early marriages, Lord and his angelic wife Anita has stayed for 15 glorious years happily, heartily and lovely with 3 wonderful daughters to their credit, such a responsible husband who can find?

Lord and Anita chalked 15 years of happy marriage on 22 January, 2020 while he was away for official duties in Davos, Switzerland.

Lord Commey has been bastardized, undiluted and blackmailed by his detractors and political opponents as gay, not knowing he was joyfully married and enjoying marriage liife.

Anita was heard saying “my husband is God sent, he is so special and we are going to grow old together, I love Nii Oblitey and he loves me too,” she told a friend.

Mrs. Anita ”ahoufe’ Commey is a Canadian trained beauty therapist who owns a chain of high end luxury salons in Accra and beyond.

Dr. Oblitey Lord Commey is expected to bless his marriage as soon as possible and continue to ask God for favor, mercy, grace and longevity of life.

He is married to Anita and they have 3 Beautiful daughters namely, Naa, Kk and Eliena.


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