Dj Aberga Sets Record at 2020 Ghana Dj Awards


Ghana’s best Mixtape DJ, the mix master Dj Aberga became the first ever Dj to have won the Mixtape of the year category for the third consecutive time in the history of the Ghana Dj Awards.

In the category that had other quality Djs like Dj Vyrusky, Dj Bass,Dj MJ,Dj Ashmen and others with great mixtapes,Dj Aberga managed to sail through with his “Hiplife Lives On” mixtape.

In 2018, he won with “The Challenge ” mixtape which had 150 songs played within an hour.Smoothly mixed with different transitions.

He again won in 2019 with “Highlife Time” mixtape in a stiff competition with other top Djs.

It became a record in the history of the Ghana Dj Award Scheme as he retained it in 2020 for the third time in a row with his “Hiplife Lives On” mixtape.

That piece, “Hiplife Lives On” mixtape had great pioneers in the hiplife genre such as Reggie Rockstone, Nananom, BukBak, Ataame, VIP, Lord Kenya,Ex-doe and many others.Carefully mixed for enjoyment and reminiscent.

Dj Aberga thanked and dedicated his award to all his fans around the world after receiving the honour.


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