Dorcas Affo-Toffey commissions 20 seater toilet facility for Tikobo No.2


The Member of Parliament for Jomoro, Hon. Dorcas Affo-Toffey on the first day of her ‘Thank You Tour’ delivered on a promise she made to the chief and people of Tikobo No.2 during her campaign.

At a colourful ceremony to commission the state of the art 20-seater water closet bio-digester toilet facility which comes with inbuilt urinals, bathrooms, borehole for constant supply of water and polytank the Chief of Tikobo No.2 and Mr. Emmanuel Erskin, a native of the town, expressed their appreciation and joy for the timely gesture by the MP and supplicated for divine protection and provision for her.

She had previously on the 25th January, 2020 donated a submersible pump of a higher capacity and quality to the good people of Fante Newtown in fulfilment of a pledge she made during her campaign.

Hon. Dorcas Affo-Toffey was thankful to the chief and the people of Tikobo No.2 for their support during the elections and the overwhelming endorsement they gave her and promised to do more to improve their lives.

She also advised them to put the facility to good use for the benefit all and also to eschew disunity and politicization of the project by stressing that the facility is meant to serve the entire community.

The Honourable Member of Parliament also took time to educate the constituents on covid-19 and admonished them to observe the WHO approved protocols to protect themselves from deadly infection.

Contributor: King Solomon

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