Environmental Guide Managing Editor writes: African Children Suffer owing to bad Leadership


Some African children go through terrible challenges that subsequently compel them to become thieves, prostitutes, armed rubbers etc.

It is only a few fortunate ones that transform into wealthy adults after going through such difficulties.

Their sufferings are linked to the neglect of leaders including; those steering the affairs of government, traditional rulers, religious leaders, family heads and parents.
It is therefore the responsibility of African leaders to ensure that, children enjoy absolute peace they currently lack.
But greed for power has denied them peace, balanced diet, employments and many other niceties of life.

Traditional rulers who are supposed to unite the communities under their jurisdictions and ensure that, the welfare of children was paramount to them, are only interested in chieftaincy disputes, all because the sale of lands.

Religious leaders who are also supposed to follow the footsteps of their masters and allow children to come close to them as Jesus did, are rather separating children from parents by accusing them of being witches and wizards.
Family Heads who are to ensure that, peace and unity existed in the family to eradicate poverty from the family, are themselves creating disunity among members.
Some parents are also the cause of suffering of innocent children in Africa, particularly men who have become very irresponsible by neglecting their own children.

Meanwhile, under the terms of the United Nations convention, governments are required to meet children’s basic needs and help them reach their full potential.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), is a legally-binding international agreement setting out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of every child, regardless of their race, religion or abilities.

Every child has basic fundamental rights, which include: the right to: Life, survival and development, protection from violence, abuse or neglect.

Also, an education that enables children to fulfil their potential, be raised by, or have a relationship with, their parents, express their opinions and be listened to.

Published: sharpnewsgh.com

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