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FLASHBACK: NDC needs new face, new clothe – Goosie Tanoh

While aspiring for the flagbearer position of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) ahead of the 2020 general elections, Goosie Tanoh explained that the party needs a new face.

Putting himself forward for the position, he asked voters to consider him because he is a “new face” and wears a “new clothe” capable of winning the elections.

Read the full original story as first published on Friday, February 15, 2019, on GhanaWeb but sourced from, below:

Goosie Obuadum Tanoh, a National Democratic Congress (NDC) Flagbearer Aspirant, has said the NDC needed a “new face” and a “new clothe” to win the 2020 general election and charged the members to vote for him to bring the Party back to power.

He said he represented that “new face” of transparency, accountability and probity to attract floating voters and urged delegates of the Party to give him the nod.

Mr Goosie said this when he addressed delegates in the Ho Central Constituency ahead of the Party’s February 23 delegates’ congress to elect a flagbearer.

He said a dishonest use of power was what made the NDC unpopular in the 2016 general election and that its fortunes declined because it lacked character.

Mr Goosie said floating voters loved parties and leaders with “good character” and said it was time the NDC chose a candidate “like Goosie” who would appeal to all electorates, especially floating ones.

He asked the delegates to vote as they wished, not be intimidated and “with deep mind that sees the future.”

Mr Goosie said making that “right decision” and choosing him would lead the Party to government towards the rebuilding of agriculture, “proper” educational system, food security and social housing.

The Flagbearer Aspirant had already met delegates of the NDC in the southern part of the Volta Region in his five-day campaign and expected to meet delegates in Ho West on Friday, after which he would move to the northern parts of the Region.




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