Ghanaian movie actors and actresses are sick, suffering and neglected by producers – Adjorlolo


Ghanaian movie actors and actresses are suffering, sick and neglected by movie directors – Adjorlolo

Veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo has decried the deplorable condition in which movie actors and actresses are facing just because movie producers and directors have shortchanged them over the years.

According to the award winning actor movie producers don’t pay and they owe him monies ranging between Ghc1000,00 – 3,000.00.

“Some of the producers in Ghana should respect themselves. They call an old man like me to come and act and they don’t pay me. I have worked for seven producers in Ghana and they are not paying me. When I am sick nobody cares for me, look, we have elderly actors and actresses who are lying on sick beds but these producers owe them but don’t care, I am being real,” Adjorlolo funed.

He indicated that the industry players were aware of the situation that producers took advantage of actors and actresses. “As for the young ones they don’t pay them at all, they want to work because of the passion, they don’t pay them.”

He said having working as a journalist for seventeen years before migrating to acting for many years, nothing has worked for him. Here him,
“I left journalism after 17 years to be an actor, I cane into acting too no money. How many times haven’t I acted? How many producers haven’t I worked with? Yet I have nothing to show for?

I am not worth anything let alone the $800,000 attributed to me on the internet. Kodak Adjorlolo stated.

Story by: Seth K. Mensah



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