Ghanaians believe the country is moving backwards under Akufo Addo gov’t – Horace Ankrah


Ambassador Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah has corroborated the Afro Barometer survey pursued by Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) about the state of Affiars in Ghana which has said that majority of Ghanaians are worst off. According to the survey, six out of ten Ghanaians (59%) says the country “is going into the wrong direction.”

This Ambassador Horace says every sector of the economy under President Akufo Addo is in comatose indicating the ill preparedness of the current government. Health, education, roads, unemployed among others have made life miserable for Ghanaians. Nothing seem to be working in the country.

He insisted that the implementation of the Free Senior High School was done without proper scrutinization of the policy, for instance, he accused the president and his government for not considering accommodation for students, inability to engage stakeholders on the syllabi which has given room for the indecent challenges in the implementation of the policy, which clearly suggest the new patriotic party (NPP) and Akufo Addo are never prepared for anything.

Speaking to on the CDD Afro Barometer Survey, former Ambassador to China Mr. Horace Ankrah said “in Ghana it is not the economy that is working for the people , the people rather work for the economy. More than 59% should know and believe that the country is moving backward and nothing seem to be going on.

Amb. Horace further made a mince meat to their much touted one district one factory and one village one dam policies saying they aren’t feasible and realistic policies but an attempt to hoodwink voters. Arguing that such policies is wrong planning for a country like Ghana.

When asked if three years was enough time for any administration to achieve results, Mr. Ankrah answered in the affirmative and buttressed his point with what former President John Mahama achieved within three years under the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) reign.

“We did a lot in three years for Ghanaians to appreciate. These were but a few of the things we did, constructed appropriate accommodation (E Blocks), roads, chp compounds, hospitals, clinics, enhanced the transport system, enhanced productivity,” he said.

He pointed out that it was mischievous for Akufo Addo to question the roads constructed under his predecessor. Saying, what did the President do with roads which were incomplete under John Mahama? You abandoned road construction started by your predecessor without applying common sense.

He emphasized the country is not moving in the right direction and something quickly must be done to rescue the country before it collapses under this super cluelessness and unconcerned government.

“NPP came to power through lies and deception and they have to be kicked out in 2020 or else something terrible could happen.”

Story by: Ishmael Armah

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