Hannah Tetteh dares Defence Minister to make 2015 Agreement available to Parliament


A former Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Hannah Serwaa Tetteh has called on the Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul to makes the 2015 agreement availabe for parliamentary scrutiny.

“If the Defence Minister wants to substantiate his point, then as they have presented the 2018 agreement to parliament, they should also present the previous agreement I signed to afford the August house do comparisons between the two agreements.
The agreement that was signed under the NDC be added to the new agreement and explain how the old agreement committed Ghana continue certain things today,” Madam Hannah Tetteh said.

Controversy is raging over an agreement the Defence Minister has signed allowing the US to establish a base in Ghana. At a press conference in a accra, Dominic Nitiwul said the New agreement was in line with a 2015 agreement signed by the then Foreign Affairs Minister Hannah Tetteh.

The US Embassy had also come out to deny ever having any intention to establish a military base in Ghana. This has has led to a public debate over the consequences of the contents of the agreement.

In an interview with Radio Gold’s Sammy Eshun, Mad Hannah Tetteh who out of the country for a conference explained that when a new agreement is being signed, it means that proper diligence has gone into the previous one to guide the current agreement, it als means you will be in a position and the ability to renegotiate.

She said said “the statement of saying that whatever it is they are bringing to parliament at this time is as a result of of the previous agreement is a signal of the minister running away from his responsibilities and from what they themselves have negotiated.

“When I am signing a document on behalf of another ministry, and in this case I was signing on behalf of the Defence ministry, it is not the case that the foreign affairs ministry that have negotiated the agreement,she stated.

She stressed that the 2015 Defence Cooperation agreement between Ghana and America should be sent to Parliament. “I read every agreement before I sign it. I don’t recollect signing an agreement committing Ghana to anything beyond the duration, particularly the current agreement,” she indicated.

Story by; Kojo Hadjor

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