Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Let’s be measured in our utterances

I believe personally as a citizen of Ghana that, there should be a need for every Ghanaian citizen either being a politician or non-politician to be careful with our utterances in order not to break our structures of democracy as a rule of law nation .

Let’s not forget that, where there is a break in rule of law, there is chaos. I edge every citizen to refrain from utterances that will lead to the breaking out the structures of our democracy as a country at large, especially these radio stations morning shows , political shows etc.

Our leaders must know that people can fail authenticity. People know instinctively when politicians-are just doing rhetorics from both sides of political devices and the people who are on your side may cheer you on, but they also know that you are not been true to the law , you are not being true to the principles of Justice and slowly we are eroding and rolling our democracy daily .

The rule of law must be applied. We must treat people equally not to create inequality and injustices in the minds of the citizenry. Ghana is a beloved country loved by it’s citizens.

Columnist: Nana Kweku Ofori-Atta



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