Monday, November 29, 2021
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Man jailed 3 years for stealing policeman’s plantain

A young man whose name has been given as Mensah Moses has been jailed for three years for stealing plantain from the garden of a Policeman.

Narrating his sad ordeal to Crime Check Foundation, Mensah indicated that he shares a wall with the Policeman at Saltpond in the Central region and therefore thought it will not be a problem to take plantain that belongs to him.

Unknowing to him, it was a crime and he was caught and arraigned before court.

Moses explained that it was an informant who leaked his activities in the backyard garden of the policeman leading to his arrest one hot afternoon while he was relaxing after selling some bunches of plantain.

Mensah confesses to having stolen 20 bunches of plantain from the backyard garden of the Policeman.

“I usually harvest the plantain and sell it out to people. Times were very hard for me because as a carpenter, the jobs were not forthcoming and I also needed money to take care of a number of things so I depended on his plantain for survival,” he told crim check foundation.

“When I sell the plantain I can get GHC 20 or GHC 50 cedis depending on the size of the plantain,” he said but acknowledged that his actions were not in good taste.

Mensah Moses disclosed that he is a chain smoker of wee and cigarettes because it gives him strength and also urges him to engage in acts that are nothing to write home about.




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