Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Meet Michael, Abena Richardson of ‘Destination Africa’ via Ghana

While many migrant African parents want their children to have a deep connection to their homeland, accomplishing that aim has proven difficult. Various facets of African society’s understanding of traditional life, particularly family life, have undergone significant modifications.

In an interview with TheAfricanDream.net a Ghanaian couple in the diaspora that relocated to Ghana discuss how they are altering this narrative one step at a time.

Abena and Michael Richardson of Destination Africa Group met and married in the United Kingdom, but have returned to Ghana with their children. They’ve been married for over 13 years as of 2021.

Michael and Abena Richardson founded Destination Africa in April 2016. Michael; a qualified IT engineer and Abena; a qualified Hairstylist by profession currently homeschooling their 3 children whilst running Destination Africa full-time.

Source: Oral Ofori



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