Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Mental Health: Stop pressuring young adults into marriage – Omane Boamah

Medical Doctor and former Minister of Communications Edward Omane-Boamah has appealed to Ghanaians to desist from putting pressure on young adults to get married, explaining that such pressure has led many into undesirable relationships which have ultimately had devastating effects on their mental health.

Dr Omane-Boamah stressed that society ought to stop pressuring especially females into marriages since it has caused many their mental health.

‘”Are you married? When are you marrying? You need to give birth now because your biological clock is speeding…”

The above sentiments have pushed many ladies and gentlemen into unmerited relationships which eventually breed abuse ( emotional and or physical), pain, agony, conflict, divorce and devastation.

Helloooooooo society!

Stop these questions and suggestions you offer, particularly to young adult females.

You end up devastating their mental health in ways you cannot imagine, for quality ‘health is not the mere absence of disease but complete well-being of the mind’ as well,” he advised.

Dr Omane-Boamah’s advice comes at a time mental health cases are rising in the country, especially among the youth.

In Ghana, marriage is highly valued and young adults, particularly females, are often hounded in direct or subtle ways to get married. Parents, relatives and religious organizations usually lead this charge on young adults to marry.

In recent times, many stories domestic violence, particularly against women have received media attention. In many instances, the women have been murdered in cold blood.




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