Sunday, December 5, 2021
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NDC MP links Sosu brouhaha to plot to arrest Mahama, scuttle his 2024 bid

• Government is meddling in the police case involving Madina MP

• This is the view of Tamale Central MP Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed

• He claims the target is to arrest John Mahama and torpedo his 2024 bid

The government’s ultimate aim with the current back and forth between Parliament and the Ghana Police Service is to achieve a political goal targeted at former president John Dramani Mahama.

The National Democratic Congress, NDC, Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed has alleged that Sosu is the first leg of a plot orchestrated by the Executive to arrest Mahama and scuttle his 2024 bid to run for the presidency.

According to Murtala, last Thursday’s U-turn by the Majority in Parliament after they had previously backed the position of Speaker Alban Bagbin on the tussle between Police and Madina MP Francis-Xavier Sosu was a sign that the caucus and even police were being manipulated by Flagstaff House.

He expatiated on the alleged plan when he spoke to a Joy News journalist on November 4, 2021, at Parliament. “The executive is manipulating not just the caucus even the police,” he alleged.

“The agenda is that arrest Sosu and after arresting Sosu, the fraudulent Electoral Commissioner who came out and asked the Police to invite president Mahama over a statement he made, a statement which was in plea in court.

“The agenda is that arrest Sosu and by extension arrest President Mahama. We are serving a word of caution, that this democracy we all developed and nurtured this democracy. They will meet the resistance they never anticipated.

“I am saying the agenda is to attack the NDC, arrest some bigwigs of the NDC and the ultimate objective is arrest President Mahama, find something to tag him so that he will be barred from contesting in the 2024 election.

“We are sending a word of caution, that they will meet the stiffest resistance if they attempt to put in practice this agenda,” he added.

He went ahead to call out members of NPP tasking them to “understand that they are members if the legislative arm.” He said it was irresponsible and an act of cowardice on their part that when the NPP party zigs, the NPP caucus zags.

He wondered why they supported the Speaker’s refusal to allow police to question the Madina MP for alleged offences only to in a space of one-week attack the Speaker. “They were not thinking when Speaker issued statement and they defended it, they were not thinking. It has now suddenly dawned on them?” he quizzed.




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