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No one stays 21 forever – MzVee

At age 21, a person would have fully transitioned from the teen years into adulthood. This is the time when most young ladies experience unblemished glowing skin. Sadly, one cannot be 21 forever, and therefore after that age, most ladies turn to products that would enhance their beauty and make them regain that same ravishing glow.

Many times, these products contain a lot of harmful chemicals which may affect the body adversely and with this knowledge, many consumers are now moving towards using natural products that can help regain the age 21 face as well as go easy on their skin.

Considering this, Ghana’s natural girl champion and musician, MzVee, has cautioned ladies to take great care of their skin, since no one stays 21 forever.

As the brand ambassador for Geisha’s new range of natural products, Geisha Moringa Oil and Geisha Black Soap, she has taken it upon herself to sensitize Ghanaians on the importance of staying natural.

Speaking on why she prefers the natural look, MzVee said ‘One day you just realize you would not be 21 forever, so you want to make the best choice to help you stay your best for not just today, but always. We don’t get to choose many things in this life, so I choose to use the best soap that helps me look all-natural always.”

Geisha moringa soap contains glycerin and moringa oil, these help to moisturize the skin leaving it soft, moisturized, and glowing whiles Geisha black soap has uniquely formulated cleansers combined with activated charcoal and cocoa butter that are able to cleanse your skin, leaving it smooth and glowing.

In this era of pandemic and global warming, it is essential to take care of your health as well as your body.

“Being natural is a lifestyle and its naturally easier with Geisha”, says MzVee.

Source: Geisha



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