Saturday, December 4, 2021
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HomeGeneral NewsOver US$160 million lost annually to road traffic crashes – NRSA boss

Over US$160 million lost annually to road traffic crashes – NRSA boss

• Over 2,300 and 12,800 people have been killed and injured on our roads respectively this year

• NRSA boss added that we each hold crucial support in the road space

• She further stated that our lives are vulnerable on our roads

Director-General of the National Road Safety Authority, Ing. May Obiri-Yeboah, has stated that about 1.6 percent of the country’s GDP translating into over US$160 million is lost annually to road traffic crashes.

This comes at the back of the incessant rise in road traffic accidents on the country’s major highways and various roads.

Giving an alternative use of the money that goes into road accidents annually, she stated that, they could be used to construct new roads but at the end of the day end up as monies lost to road traffic accidents.

“In real terms, this can construct about 110 kilometers of asphalt ‘roads in a year,” she stated Highlighting preparations being put in place ahead of the festive season to control road traffic accidents.

To reduce the rates of accidents recorded daily on our roads she revealed that “the coming days are particularly going to be critical as we beef up preparations to mark Christmas and welcome the new year.”

Giving statistics on road accidents recorded so far this year, she revealed that “Just between January and October this year over 2,300 and 12,800 people have been killed and injured respectively on our roads.”

She further bemoaned that behind the staggering figures lies families that have descended into abject poverty by losing a breadwinner, a community burdened by dependence and a nation deprived of its valuable human capital.

She urged all motorists and road users to exercise caution in the days leading to Christmas and the new year.

As the National Road Safety Authority beef up their sensitization drive to deal with the growing menace.

According to Ing May, a short code said to be “194” will be rolled out to the general public to allow them to report occurrences on various roads to curb road traffic accidents and cut down cost that goes into it.




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