Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Shatta Wale’s arrest was planned – A Plus alleges

• A Plus has defended Shatta Wale over the prank he pulled which has landed him in police cells

• A Plus alleges that Shatta Wale’s arrest was planned

• He believes Shatta Wale deserves praises for the prank

Musician and activist, Kwame Asare Obeng alias A Plus has alleged that the arrest of dancehall musician Shatta Wale was carefully orchestrated by the artiste and some other persons.

A Plus claims that Shatta Wale was offered a chance by some influential persons to absolve himself of any charge in the case of the hoax gun shooting incident but he rejected the offer.

Speaking as a panelist on UTV’s United Showbiz show which aired on Saturday, October 23, 2021, Kwame A Plus said that Shatta Wale confessed to using the phones of his personal aide and Public Relations Officer to spread the fake news about his shooting because it feeds into the plan.

A Plus who claimed he was present at the police station when one of Shatta Wale’s aides was brought in, suggested that the embattled musician could be working with the government to deal with issues of fake prophecy in the country.

“Shatta Wale was not part of the case. He never said he was shot, it’s someone who reported it. Some big men in the country advised Shatta to step out of the case because he never said that he was shot. The people they (influential people) wanted to deal with are the guys who reported the case.

“Shatta himself went to the police station to report that he made the allegation using the phones of those two. This issue was planned. Shatta Wale knows what he is doing. I was the Ministries police station when Deportee was brought in and I can tell you that it was planned,” he said.

In the view of A Plus, Shatta Wale deserves commendations for bringing the attention of the country to the issue of ‘fake’ prophecy.

He said that Shatta Wale should be celebrated for acting in a way that caused the arrest of the prophet who predicted that he was going to die.

“Shatta Wale is not going to learn anything from this. Ghanaians should rather praise him for what he has done. For the first time in the history of this country, a pastor has been arrested. We’ve always been told that spiritual matters are not meant for court. This is a significant thing in the country. God bless the IGP and the judge.

“Why was the pastor arrested first? It could be that government wants to initiate laws against false prophecy. The pastors must know that religion is part of the economy of this country. If all persons adhered to the religious leaders and word, they would have been a cut in the budget of the police and prison,” he said.

Shatta Wale was arrested by the police on October 19, 2021, for allegedly causing fear and panic with news of his shooting.

Prior to that, his Public Relations Manager, Kojo Owusu Koranteng, also known as Nana Dope and Eric Venator, alias Gangee were also arrested.

Shatta Wale was denied bail and has been sent to the Ankaful Prison to serve one week in remand.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com



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