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Sosu vs Police saga: Who drove Madina MP’s car from arrest scene?

• Inspector Daniel Agbavor has been interdicted for allegedly driving through the crowd at the scene

• The police says Daniel Agbavor committed a misconduct

• Meanwhile Francis-Xavier Sosu has disclosed that he drove himself from the scene

On the matter of the ‘escape’ of the Member of Parliament of Madina, Francis-Xavier Sosu from the attempted arrest by the Ghana Police Service, there appears to be two contradictory accounts so far.

Standing on one side is the Ghana Police Service whose account as given by the Director-General of Public Affairs, ACP Kwesi Ofori involved the display of acts of violence by some youth in the constituency who formed part of the crowd that demonstrated on Monday, October 25, 2021.

On the other side, is the MP and some eyewitnesses who insist that the demonstration was incident-free until the police decided to arrest Francis-Xavier Sosu.

Another point of departure between the two factions is the person who drove Sosu’s vehicle when he evaded arrest.

In Sosu’s account of events during his interview with Citi TV on October 25, he took responsibility for his actions, affirming that he drove the car out of the scene and headed for Parliament.

“I left them (the police) to go address the media and while I was speaking, the youth chief came to tell me that the police have said they were going to arrest me. True to his words, as soon as I finished speaking to the media, they then pounced on me attempting to arrest me but the youth resisted.

“For me, I just thank God that I mustered courage, took over the vehicle and sped off. I drove myself. It’s important sometimes. In the first place, I have a right to prevent unlawful arrest to the extent of using force,” he said.

His narration varies from that ACP Kwesi Ofori who told Metro TV the police officer who had been assigned to Sosu as his bodyguard sped through the crowd on the said day.

“The honorable MP for Madina wrote to the police that he was going to lead a demonstration. The police gave him all the security assistance for the demonstration with his men and women. In the course of the demonstration, violence ensued. Where some of the demonstrators blocked the roads and burnt lorry tyres among other things that caused nuisance to the community and by so doing impeded vehicular flow.

“Following that, two senior police officers decided to question the MP since he was the one who called for the demonstration. They also wanted to refer him to the Public Order Act which states that the leader will take responsibility in such a situation. Following that he entered his car and a man in a police situation drove him off and in so doing the police officer nearly knocked down the two police officers,” he said.

This position of his is consistent with an earlier statement by the police announcing the interdiction of Inspector Daniel Agbavor.

“Inspector Daniel Agbavor, has been interdicted for alleged misconduct.”

The statement continued: “He is alleged to have recklessly driven into a crowd after a protest last Monday, 25th October, 2021, in the Madina Constituency, directly endangering the lives of two Senior Officers and other civilians.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com



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