Sunday, December 5, 2021
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The ‘MADNIZATION’ of the Sunyani ecosystem, great cause for concern!

It is such a complete eyesore to witness mad men and women of such monstrous proportions taking over the beautiful ecosystem of the Sunyani enclave thereby uglifying the topography of the entire space.

These mad men and women under the guise of insanity visit mayhem on innocent citizens. They terrorize food vendors and other innocent people for no apparent reason.

The saddening and sickening kerfuffles occasioned by these mad men and women cannot be quantified as it is a daily ritual.

As a passionate resident of Sunyani, I have been inundated with series and sequences of frustrations exhibited by many indigenes relative to this repugnant situation.

It is worth stressing the fact that this is not an epiphanic phenomenon as the situation has persisted for some time now and the most annoying aspect is when authorities of both past and present have looked on unconcerned. This is characteristically nonchalant which ought not to be exhibited by any serious authority armed with the requisite power to get things done right.

It seems the city authorities lack the requisite antidote to ameliorate these nauseating and obnoxious scenes.

Maybe the city authorities do not realize the fact that these mad men and women pose an existential threat to our collective safety and security as a people. It is equally worth noting the fact that any harm or death inflicted by these mentally deficient individuals on sane people will go unpunished as the laws of our country never prescribed any punishment for such mentally deranged individuals. Hence, primordial prevention is the best antidote in safeguarding the safety of Sunyani indigenes in this context.

My recommendation is a very simple one; these individuals only need mental health assistance and therefore city authorities especially the MCE must make it a priority and take practical steps to remove all these individuals and confine them to a safer environment where they would be offered mental health and psychological assistance.

The beauty of the Sunyani ecosystem need to be restored to normalcy and one sure way of achieving this is by removing all these mad men and women from our streets.

Columnist: Nana Antwi Boasiako Barimah



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