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The maths class

I started reading mathematics when I realized it’s the only subject making the difference in most
students’ life after school.

Math automatically segregates students into circles. Students who would want to pursue their education further may take mathematics more seriously, and those who might choose education of a different sort.

However, in a group of ignorant lads, we hated math to the extent that we started making fun of our math teacher. He was a good man; the only math teacher. I remember , his famous words any time he spent time with us. He used to say “if you want to go to the university you have to prioritize mathematics.”

Though we knew it was true to have a niche we made fun of him secretly and called him “University” anytime we saw him around.

Mathematics was said to be the most complicated subject in school, without any doubt, the majority always agree. Because they were always influenced by some factors; they were lazy and had a mentality
that math was difficult.

Such a mentality was built in our minds when we were young. It was planted deep into our brains that
anytime we saw numbers we panicked, even when it doesn’t required any computations. I decided to
join the minority, and personally, I think mathematics is the most factual subject in school. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

For the first time in my life, I decided to take a rough tough part. I wanted a rose so I knew I had to grab the thorns.
Though I knew it will make me bleed; I knew it will also heal, and I will still have my rose in the end. The imagination of having a rose blinded the fact that I will bleed. That was the best decision I ever made in my life. Yes, I now owned a rose and I’m very glad.

Let us talk about mathematics: it is sometimes fun, when everyone understands it and everyone will be happy. Most people chose not to understand, because nothing motivates them to understand.

To reminisce, in Primary school, our Primary 6 teacher, Mrs. Dornya, a very wise woman. We needed a motivation to understand math so she gave us a flexible and punishable motivation(s).

Unlike other teachers who conducted a ‘dictation’, she will use her first period for ‘mental’. Mental
math, in that sense, means asking neither simple nor complicated mathematical questions, but in a limited time. This was the first motivation for us to build the mathematical mentality.

It gain a positive response initially, but the results started declining. She then came up with another motivation; she caned those who had fallen below her pass mark. It was cruel but we understood what she was trying to instill into us.

The caning worked for a while but we outsmarted her; boys started wearing multiple underwear’s and, I could remember girls wearing multiple underwear to the extent that they even wore jeans shorts.

Since we had gotten cure for her canes, she came up with another idea; she started a class fund. When we thought it was voluntary; she then said to us “whoever gets one wrong he or she will donate 20 pesewas.”
We felt bullied but as helpless children who were afraid of the teacher, we took to crying in silence.

Back then I wasn’t very intelligent and I wasn’t dumb neither. But I am sure I was smart and lucky.Lucky because I always sat close to the underestimated but mathematically sophisticated students like Ebenezer Agyemang.

He was (G.O.A.T) in the mental class; he never got wrong; the only time he got wrong was when there was a mistake in the question, with that one, he even proved the error in the question to the teacher. Since I don’t want to loose a dime, I always copied my intelligent friend. He is very intelligent and I am smart. We deserved each other.

Unfortunately, our head Mistress heard about what was going on and she canceled the whole idea. That was quite a long memory, all I wanted to portray is that some teachers even go outside our comfortable zones just to make sure students learn and understand mathematics.

I have seen what mathematics has done to people, both positive and negative. Math has closed doors, as well as opened many other doors.

We all have dreams. Sometimes math holds the keys to our dreams. All you have to do is to make love to mathematics. From experience, I can say mathematics is honest, it’s faithful, it never cheats, it will
never break your heart and, the more you make love to it, the more it also falls in love with you.

These are some reasons you should take mathematics seriously:

It widens the range of opportunity you may encounter.

Mathematics gives us the critical ability to learn and think logically, in any field of endeavor.

Studying mathematics will not only develop more engineers and scientists, but also produce more citizens who can learn and think creatively and critically, no matter their career fields.

Therefore learn to love mathematics. Take mathematics as a friend. For mathematics is everything and, it’s everywhere.

Columnist: Rahman Foster



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