Their crime wave made it feel like law and order had completely broken down in parts of Manchester – They bragged about it on Snapchat


Two teenagers have been locked up for their part in a crime wave which made it appear as if there had been ‘almost a complete breakdown in law and order in north and east Manchester’.

The pair showed ‘complete disregard’ for the police and thought they were ‘above the law’, a judge said.

They ran amok, terrorising residents in areas such as Newton Heath, Harpurhey, Moston and Collyhurst.

Kyron Blackley, 18, from Harpurhey, committed 41 offences during a period of around nine months last year.

These included four robberies in which a knife, machete or hammer were used. The victim of one incident – a disabled man – considered ending his own life.

Another, a Deliveroo rider who sought refuge in the UK, now wants to leave the country.

Blackley and his associates ‘bragged’ about their crimes on Snapchat. During one incident, he kicked an elderly man in the face before turning to the camera and laughing.

The judge said ‘a message had to be sent’ that long prison sentences would follow for such offences – ‘regardless of age’ – as he sent Blackley down for nine years.

A 16 year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced to five years.

Blackley, of Thorntree Close, Harpurhey, denied three counts of robbery, but was found guilty after two trials.

At previous hearings he admitted another count of robbery; attempted robbery; possession of an offensive weapon; threatening behaviour; assault; affray; theft; handling stolen goods; two counts of vehicle taking; driving without due care and attention; 10 charges of driving without a licence; and 13 of driving without insurance.

He was banned from driving for a decade.

The 16-year-old was also convicted of three counts of robbery after a trial.

At earlier hearings, he admitted attempted robbery; two counts of burglary; going equipped; three counts of vehicle taking; handling stolen goods; witness intimidation; two counts of driving without a licence; and two of driving without insurance.

He was banned from driving for seven years.

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