Monday, November 29, 2021
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Vodafone HealthFest screens over 300 people in Agona Kwanyako

Vodafone Ghana Foundation in partnership with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has organized free health screening for 304 residents of Agona Kwanyako in the Central region.

Health professionals from the Ghana Health Service (GHS) diagnosed and provided medication for ailments such as Blood Pressure, Glucose (Blood Sugar), Cholesterol, Malaria, HIV, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Blood Level (anemia), and Syphilis.

Free scan services such as Ultrasound for pregnant women, Pelvic Scan, Prostate Scan, Kidney Scan, and Obstetric Scan were provided to the residents. 300 people were also enrolled in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Speaking at the event, Head of Vodafone Ghana Foundation, Rev. Amaris Nana Perbi, said the HealthFest initiative resonates with the core values of the Foundation which seeks to improve the lives of Ghanaians.

“A healthy nation they say is a wealthy nation and at Vodafone Ghana Foundation annually we roll out medical outreach programmes such as HealthFest to create an avenue for Ghanaians to access free medical care. Beneficiaries who took advantage of this exercise received free health screening, free medication, free National Health Insurance from our team of medical professionals of the Ghana Health Service”.

“I will seize this opportunity to appeal to Ghanaians to get involved whenever an opportunity like this comes up. Today’s event exposed ailments that many people were unaware of. Here, you get to know your medical status and also receive treatment and counselling,” he added.

A Medical Practitioner, Dr. Amanda Nhyira Bayeh Danso commended Vodafone Ghana Foundation for their immense contribution to healthcare delivery in Ghana.
“Most of them have hypertension, low blood, and high cholesterol levels. It is good that they are here because most of them did not know what was wrong with them. Vodafone Ghana’s HealthFest is a great initiative and we say ayeeko to Vodafone Ghana Foundation for creating awareness on unseen sicknesses”.

Vodafone Ghana Foundation HealthFest is one of the flagship initiatives by the Foundation to deliver medical care and screening to Ghanaians. People in various communities are screened for various medical conditions, given free medical consultation and counselling, as well as free medication for specific diseases.

Source: Vodafone Ghana Foundation



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