Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Western aid is usually from visa fees we pay at embassies – Sam George claims

• Ghana can do without Western aid

• Most of the aid is monies Ghanaians pay for visa applications

• Ningo Prampram MP reveals a recent encounter with visa application process

Ningo Prampram Member of Parliament, Sam Nartey George has alleged that most of the aid that comes from western countries was actually monies they had collected from expensive non-refundable visa fees in host nations.

He adds that with that in mind, Ghanaians should fix the country’s many problems and generally be proud of who we are because that was the best way to wean ourselves from western aid.

He was speaking on Wednesday, November 10 edition of Metro TV’s current affairs news analysis programme, Good Morning Ghana where he revealed that he had recently returned from vacation with his family in a western nation.

Whilst confirming that it was not the Netherlands, which had declined his colleague MP a visa last month, he said he had deliberately applied for the visa for his family to test whether or not they will be turned down.

“The visa fees are not cheap, we must also hold them to account. It seems in this country we glorify people we shouldn’t glorify and always have a certain sense of inferiority to people because of their skin colour.

“I, Sam George, do not and will never feel inferior to any of them because we’ve sat in class with them (and) we beat them every day. We are more intelligent than them in many ways,” he stated.

He cited instances where Ghanaian doctors excel in their schools adding that it was professionals from Ghana who were leading their industrial revolutions.

“All this issue of aid, some of the countries, the aid they give to you is some of the visa fees that your country people pay to them that they return to you as aid. And even when they give you the aid 80% of it goes to consultants from their country, so when you paint a picture as if they are doing us a favour.”

He went on to accuse some of the embassies of refusing people visas for frivolous reasons because in his opinion, just as they did to Suhuyini, “it tells me that many of the people that they refuse visas, [they] don’t do any due diligence on them.”

Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini, a Member of Parliament for Tamale North was denied a visa by the Netherlands Embassy citing among other reasons the likelihood that he will not return after his trip. An uproar followed after which the Embassy granted the visa after inviting him to resubmit his application.

Talk was rife that his lead role in advocating for an anti-LGBTQ+ Bill currently before Parliament may have been behind the visa denial, a point he said was far-fetched at the time of his denial.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com



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