Saturday, December 4, 2021
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You haven’t made provisions for anyone, why demolish their structures – Shatana to Gov’t

Slum-dwellers on the motorway stretch around Kings Cottage have slammed government over a demolition exercise carried out some few days ago.

The demolition exercise has rendered hundreds of people comprising youth, women, men, and children homeless.

Officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly together with some security services undertook the demolishing exercise without any prior notice.

Sister of the late Terry Bonchaka Ranaya Pappoe popularly known as Shatana a resident of Trasaco Estates has slammed government for displacing some residents on the motorway stretch around Kings Cottage without making provisions for them.

According to her, the government hasn’t made any provisions for the residents hence the demolition of their structures was not needed.

Speaking to Shatana , she said no government official has visited the displaced residents after the demolition exercise.

She mentioned the AMA could have given the residents of that area prior notice before carrying out the demolition.

“Affected residents were not given ample notice, but Government has denied the claim” she revealed.

She added the displaced residents have been abandoned and no government official has come to their aid but when it’s time for elections they will chase these same people with boxes of indomie and other food items in exchange for their votes.

Some of the aggrieved residents said it is disheartening to displace people without making the necessary arrangement for them.

They are demanding compensation for the destruction caused to their structures and personal belongings and are also demanding that Government provides them with temporary structures until they are able to acquire permanent accommodation.




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